• Navbar Type
    • Top: Positions navbar menu on top (default)
    • Side: Positions navbar menu on the right
    • Fixed Side: Positions a vertical navbar fixed to the left
  • Top Navbar Classes:
    • Navbar Classes: Hooks into nav element class
  • Top Navbar Inner Classes:
    • Navbar Inner Classes: Hooks into the next nav element class
  • Sidebar Navbar Classes:
    • Sidebar Classes: Hooks into nav element class
  • Enable Search:
    • Adds search icon and function to end of navbar links


  • Classes
    • Hooks into the body element class

Single Post

  • Disables Sidebar
    • Disable all sidebars on all single posts
single post


  • Credit
    • Footer Credit: Hooks into the footer element.
  • Classes:
    • Footer Classes: Hooks into footer element class